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At Angelic Pole Dance Studio, we offer a diverse range of classes designed to cater to individuals of all skill levels and interests. Choose from our pole sport, pole exotic, flexibility class, private pole, and self-practice class options to start on an exciting pole dance journey.

NEW CLASS: Chair Dance – Thursdays at 8-9pm

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Class cancellations must be made 3 hours prior to start time

How To Book A Class:

There are two ways you can book a class with us:

1. Contact us directly through any of the following;

           – Phone: (437)-261-1177 (Call or text)

           – Email: info@angelicpole.com

           – Social Media: @AngelicPoleDance (Instagram)

2. Booking Portal (Follow these steps)

  1. Click on ‘Booking Portal’ in our Menu
  2.  Sign up to the booking system
  3. Choose a membership
  4. Choose a class
  5. and enjoy your first class!

Pole Sport Classes

Beginner Pole tricks 1:          

Tuesday (6-7pm),

Thursday (6-7pm),

Friday (7-8pm)


Open Level Pole Tricks:         

Monday (7-8pm),

Tuesday (12-1pm),

Thursday (12-1pm),

Saturday (10-11am),

Sunday (12-1pm)    

Beginner Pole tricks 2:

Wednesday (6-7pm),

Friday (6-7pm),

 Fridays (7-8pm)


Intermediate Pole:

Wednesday (7-8pm)

Pole Exotic Classes

Intro to Exotic Pole: 

Tuesdays (11-12pm)

Tuesday (8-9pm)

Wednesday (5-6pm)

Thursday (11-12pm)

Friday (8-9pm)

Saturday (12-1pm)

Sunday (1-2pm)


Intermediate Pole Dance

Tuesdays (7-8pm)

Thursday (7-8pm)


Flow Exotic: Coming Soon

Hard Exotic: Coming Soon

Flexibility Class (Stretching):


Flexibility Class (Stretching):

Mondays (8-9pm),

Wednesdays (8-9pm),

Thursday (5-6pm),

Saturday (11-12pm)

Stretching Class 1

Private Pole Class

Private Class: 1-on-1 sessions,

Please contact us to schedule a private class. 


Chair Dance

Thursdays (8-9pm)

Self-Practice Class (Studio Room Booking)

Self-Practice Class:

Available Monday to Friday (10am-6pm, 9pm-11pm),

Saturdays (3-9pm)

Sundays (3-6pm)

Open Level Practice Class (self-practice with instructor in class):

Monday (5-6pm)

Note: Instructor in-class is not always guaranteed. Special packages are available for Open Level Practice Class. See pricing for more details. 

Class Schedule

Please refer to our Booking Page schedule for the most up-to-date class timings and availability.

To access this schedule, click the menu button and then the “booking portal” page. 

Angela Splits

Kid Pole Dance Classes

At Angelic Studio, we believe in nurturing the inner strength, creativity, and confidence of children through the art of pole dancing. Our kid pole dance classes provide a safe and empowering environment where children can explore the beauty of movement while building strength and coordination.

Currently, our kid’s pole dance class is scheduled for every Saturday at 1pm. 



Why Choose Kid Pole Dance Classes?

Empowering Expression:   

  Pole dancing is not only a physically challenging activity but also a form of artistic expression. Our classes allow children to explore their creativity and develop their unique style of movement.

Strength and Fitness:   

Pole dancing is a full-body workout that improves strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. It helps children develop a strong and healthy body while having fun and enjoying themselves.

Boosting Confidence:   

As children learn new pole dancing techniques and master challenging moves, their self-confidence naturally grows. Our supportive instructors encourage and celebrate each child’s progress, helping them build confidence both on and off the pole.

Body Awareness and Coordination:   

Pole dancing requires body awareness, coordination, and control. Through our carefully designed curriculum, children learn to move gracefully and fluidly, enhancing their coordination skills and body awareness.

Fun and Engaging Atmosphere:   

Our classes are filled with energy, laughter, and positivity. We create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where children feel comfortable expressing themselves and building connections with their peers.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need further information about our classes, schedules, or any other inquiries, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly team is here to assist you in selecting the right classes for your pole dance journey.